The Boswell's

The Boswell's

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Many of you may be wondering how Hudson is handling all of this. The truth is, being two is a blessing. He doesn't really understand what's going on,why his schedule has changed, or why his little brother can't come home. He knows when Tucker or I are away that we are with Davis. He will say "Davis at the hospital to get better.", and he will often ask to go see him, "See Davis?". We do take him to the hospital for short visits. He gets to talk to Davis, hold his hand, and pat his back during tummy time. If anyone has sacrificed the most during all of this, it has to be Hudson.

Because of this, we do everything we can to do fun stuff while Hudson is in Birmingham with us. He has been to the McWane Science Center, the Birmingham Zoo, and a Birmingham Barons baseball game. We also go to Railroad Park a lot. Hudson loves to watch the trains as they pass. I can't tell you what it means to us to have that time together as a family. We can't wait to do all of these fun things with Davis!

 Fun at Railroad Park

 Hudson loved playing with the trains at the McWane Science Center. 

 The water station was a blast!

 Playing the piano just like in the movie "Big".

 He didn't want to leave.

 Checking out the "elepants" at the zoo.

 Train ride at the zoo.

 His favorite part of our zoo trip was feeding the Lorikeets.

 Birmingham Barons game

Celebrating the first game of the season with Davis.

Another blessing in all of this, is that neither Hudson or Davis will remember any of this. We do our best to keep Hudson's schedule as normal as possible. Even while here in Birmingham, his routine is pretty much the same except he's not at his house.  He has adjusted better than any of us. The good thing is, we know that this season of waiting will not last forever. We will eventually get to go home, and when we do, Davis will be with us. We look forward to that joyous day!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two Months {Davis}

The past two months have felt like two years. Looking back, I'm reminded of God's faithfulness, His supreme goodness, the many answered prayers, and the miracles performed. There was a point and time when I thought I might not get a chance to write about Davis at two months of age, yet here I am. My boy is thriving despite his circumstances. God has been with him and us, at every corner, closed door, and step of the way. God has given Davis strength to fight every battle and to fight it exceedingly well. God has also given Tucker and I the strength to get through this and the wisdom to make the best decisions for our family.

When I asked God to heal Davis' lungs, He delivered quickly. Davis is now breathing room air only, which is huge! He's also weaned off  his sedation and anti-anxiety medications. It is such a blessing to have him awake more and acting like a normal baby. He also got upgraded to a crib. Poor thing, his feet were nearly hanging off the little bed with the warmer. He's also taking some formula by mouth. He basically had to learn how to eat again; it's hard work to coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing. There is a risk of aspiration, so his speech therapist wants to be extra cautious. For now, he's limited to 15 mLs per feeding using an ultra preemie nipple. He gets the rest of his formula through a feeding tube. He gets 95 mLs per feeding, which is pumped through his tube over an hour. This helps to keep him somewhat on a normal baby schedule.Tomorrow he will go for a swallow study. The swallow study will determine if he is aspirating. If he does well, he will be able to take more formula by mouth and maybe move up to a preemie nipple. His nutritionist adds micro lipids to his formula, which increases the amount of calories per ounce of formula. He's had steady weight gain, which is great. Right now, he weighs 11 pounds 4 ounces.

Davis has a physical therapist who comes to work with him daily. She works with him on holding his head up and tummy time. This week, he took his first wagon ride and first field trip down to the atrium at the end of the hall. He loves riding in the wagon and sitting up to enjoy the sunshine. He also enjoys visiting with all his friends. The nurses all come down to see him and tell him how cute and wonderful he is. I don't know what he's going to do when we get home, and all he has to look at is his mama. Ha! Both his physical therapist and occupational therapist brag on Davis and his development. They have reported that he is very appropriate, which is amazing considering all he has gone through. It is such a relief to know that he doesn't have any developmental delays.

 Going on a field trip.

 Thankful to God for our two perfect gifts.

 Tummy time

 Hudson is the BEST big brother!

 Holding his head up all by himself.

Davis loves tummy time!

This week, they also had to change out his Berlin machine. This is the machine that keeps the Berlin Heart pumping. They mentioned to us last week that it would need to be switched out for maintenance. This has to be done after so many hours of use. Thankfully, the machine was switched without any problems at all. Another answered prayer!

So now we wait. Being in a season of wait is hard. If there was a countdown or some end in site, this would be so much easier. All we can do is take it day by day, and trust in the Lord's perfect timing. We are so thankful for every day that Davis is healthy and making progress. Please continue to be in prayer for Davis and also for the donor family. It is a difficult position to be in, knowing that in order for your child to live another child has to die. This is something Tucker and I have struggled with. The guilt of it all weighs enormously on our hearts. When we pray, we don't even know what to pray, but we know that God knows our hearts, and we are thankful for the Holy Spirit that intercedes for us.

Much love and many thanks,

Sunday, August 23, 2015


As you can imagine, our lives were forever changed on June 30th. Not just because we welcomed Davis Tucker Boswell into this world, but because of the tailspin life took soon after his birth. For those of you wondering how we got to this place, here's Davis' birth story.

I was scheduled to have a repeat c-section on June 30th. I was 39 weeks into my pregnancy. On June 29th at about 10 o'clock pm, I started having contractions. They started at 10 minutes apart. As the night progressed, the contractions got stronger and closer apart. I called the hospital twice, once when my contractions were 8 minutes apart and again when they were 5 minutes apart. Both times I was told to try to wait since I was having a c-section that morning anyway. By the time we got to the hospital, I was having contractions 2-3 minutes apart and was 5 centimeters dilated. They called my doctor, and my c-section was moved up. 

At 7:09 on June 30th, Davis made his debut. He was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long. Little did we know how much our lives were about to change. 

Not long after birth, Davis started having some respiratory issues. He was breathing too fast and had some fluid on his lungs. The doctors said that was typical of many babies born via c-section. We ended up staying an extra night in the hospital. During this time, I began running a fever. The doctors gave me antibiotics, and said it could be a respiratory issue or my developing mastitis. 



We were discharged July 3rd. On July 6th, I took Davis to his lactation appointment at the hospital. Everything was great. He was gaining weight, didn't have a fever, and looked perfect. Later that afternoon, I noticed that he felt warm. At first, I just tried to put it out of my mind, thinking he was just warm from being swaddled. Something about him being warm bothered me. I believe the Holy Spirit was guiding me to check his temperature. When I checked, it was 101.2. I panicked, and immediately took him to our pediatrician. He sent us to EAMC. After some tests and examinations, Davis was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. He would need to spend two weeks on antibiotics at the hospital. We were devastated and so worried for him. 



The first night at the hospital, I remember holding Davis, sobbing and praying for God to heal him. At this point, Tucker and I both thought things couldn't possibly get any worse, and then they did. 


The third day at the hospital, Davis quit eating. I couldn't get him to eat anything! Our nurse took charge right away, checking his oxygenation levels. She noticed right away that something wasn't right. Our pediatrician ordered an echo, and it was sent to a cardiologist in Montgomery. The cardiologist in Montgomery said it looked like a possible coarctation of the aorta. Davis was airlifted to Children's Hospital in Birmingham. 

One of the hardest things we've had to do as parents was to send our baby in a helicopter not knowing whether he would make the trip or not. It was a very anxious and worried two hour car ride to Birmingham. When we arrived, the doctors couldn't tell us much. They weren't sure it was a coarctation, because Davis just seemed too sick for that to be the problem. Further echoes determined that the left side of his heart had completely quit working, probably due to a virus. 

We nearly lost him that night. Thankfully, God gave his little body strength and the doctors the wisdom to know how to keep him alive. Tucker and I were a mess. How could we not be? Our baby was teetering a fine line between life and death. 

A team of infectious disease doctors worked diligently to try and determine what virus caused Davis' heart failure. After many tests, it was determined that the enterovirus was to blame. This is the same virus that causes Hand, Foot, and Mouth. It was also the cause of the meningitis. I'm so thankful to God that we at least have an answer. Many parents don't ever know what virus caused the heart failure. 

The doctors told us it would take a miracle for Davis' heart to begin to function properly again on its own. He would not survive without a heart transplant. However, he wouldn't make it to transplant with his current cardiac output. The doctors told us we needed to act fast or his organs would begin to be damaged by the lack of blood flow. Davis would undergo two procedures within the span of a week. The first was a balloon operation that would take the pressure off of the left ventricle. 

That would be the second time we would almost lose Davis. After the procedure, the doctors could not get him to stabilize. The doctor came out to the waiting room to let us know they were going on ECMO. During this time, Tucker and I sat there crying and pleading with God for Davis' life. It was probably an hour to 45 minutes later (it felt like an eternity), when the doctor came back out to tell us they didn't have to put Davis on ECMO. They tried one more thing, and it worked! We are so thankful to God that He gave Davis' body strength and the doctors the wisdom to know how to save him, once again. 

After this procedure, the doctors told us they wanted to try a risky procedure, one that had only been performed on 50-60 children Davis' age world wide. They wanted to give Davis a Berlin heart or artificial heart (ventricular assist device). The doctor informed us there was a 1 in 3 chance he would make it to transplant, but it was the only thing they could do to save his life. They gave Tucker and I an hour to decide. We didn't need an hour. We didn't need a minute. If this was the only chance to save Davis, we were taking it, no discussion or thinking needed. 

On July 17th, Davis underwent the surgery to get his artificial heart. They told us it would take between 5-6 hours. It was closer to 8. After some recovery time, we were allowed to see Davis. It was such a surreal moment. Davis' chest was open. The only thing covering it was a thin piece of plastic to prevent infection. 
We could see his little heart beating inside his chest. It was truly one of the most frightening yet fascinating things I've ever seen in my life. My heart was aching for what Davis was having to go through. I prayed countless times for God to let me change places with Davis. I would have given him my heart if he could have taken it. 

Before our eyes, Davis' stats begin to plummet. We were rushed out of the room and sent back to the waiting room. Once again, Tucker and I were praying and pleading to God for Davis' life. I cried so hard, my cries were literally shrieks of heartache and pain bubbling to the surface without control. After what felt like forever, a nurse said "The doctor would like to see you now. " I grabbed a couple of tissues. The nurse saw this and stated "You can bring the whole box. ". The way she said those statements made me begin to prepare myself for the worst. As we walked down the long hallway, hand in hand and clinging to one another, we prayed that Davis was still alive. We turned the corner to where his room was, and we could see his heart beating. Once again, Davis was saved! We cried out right there praising God and thanking him for saving Davis. 

The next few weeks were touch and go. He was on a ton of medications and clinging to life at many times, but God remained faithful. He continued to give Davis' body strength to get through each little setback. Several times doctors have come in and stated that Davis shouldn't be doing as well as he is. Yet, he is, because God is with him!



Slowly, he was weaned from all his blood pressure medications and the ventilator. On August 7th, Davis was placed on the transplant list. A few days later, he had to be placed back on the ventilator due to fluid on his lungs. Last week, they were able to extubate again. It didn't look promising at first, but I took my concerns to God. It wasn't pretty. In fact it was pretty ugly. (I'm an ugly cryer.) I cried and asked God to heal Davis' lungs. The next morning, I was amazed. The difference in his X-Ray was day and night. You wouldn't have even thought the X-Rays were from the same child. The doctor came in and said that she wished she could take credit for how well he was doing. She expected to see him struggling to breathe. She couldn't explain why he was doing so much better. I could though. My God was showing out! Once again, God showed me that he was in control. 

So now, we wait for the gift of life. Any day could be THE day that we get that phone call. Everyday is one day closer to bringing Davis home for good. Please continue to pray for Davis and for us, and thank you all for being on this journey with us. We couldn't do this without your prayers, love, and support. 

Going through this has given me a different perspective on life. Work problems, bad hair days, and little disagreements seem so trivial now. So tell the people that mean something to you that you appreciate and love them. As my pastor would say, eat on the fine china and burn the nice candle. Life is too short. 

Also, if you don't know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, I beg of you to get to know him. All you have to do is confess your sins (we all have skeletons and regrets), and believe that God sent his one and only son, Jesus, to die on the cross for your sins. He loves you and wants a close, personal relationship with you. He will be there to help you and guide you always. He's the ultimate healer and the answer to all of your problems. All you have to do is put your trust in him. 

Tucker and I certainly had faith before, but this experience has only made us grow in our faith. We have realized through this, that Davis and Hudson aren't ours. Yes, they were given to us by God to be their earthly parents, but ultimately, they are His. We are putting our trust in Him. 

Our God is greater than the ups and the downs. G>^v


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hudson Is 2 and Other News

Obviously, it's been a while since the last blog. Between our busy schedules, wrapping up school, being a mama to a toddler, and being pregnant, I had little time to sit down and blog. I was looking forward to summer thinking that would be the perfect opportunity to get caught up, however, things haven't slowed down one bit. We just got back from a trip to Clarksville which included a wedding, a play (Newsies), and lots of family time. This week Tucker is on vacation, and I have crammed several appointments into this week while I have him to help me. Wrangling a toddler when you are 8 months pregnant is not fun, friends. So we have Hudson's first dentist appointment, follow up ENT appointment (more about that soon), and 2 year well visit today and tomorrow. Not to mention my 35 week check up, too!

First, we will talk Hudson being 2! I'm not even sure when that happened...certainly in the blink of an eye. He loves Thomas the Train, so his theme was trains. We had his party at the Monkey Park in Opelika. The plan was to ride the Rocky Brook Rocket which is a train that runs around the park, however, 10 minutes into the train running there was a derailment. No joke. The train actually left the track with passengers aboard I might add. Thank goodness no one was hurt! There was cake, Popsicles, and plenty of things to do, so no one even missed the train. It was a full day, and Hudson was exhausted when it was over.

At 2, Hudson weighs about 31 pounds, wears a size 5 diaper, and sleeps in a big boy bed. We are slowly working on potty training. His bedtime is between 7:30 and 8, and he typically sleeps till 7-7:30. He is very independent and likes to do everything by himself. He's learned to take turns, but it's always "Huddy's turn!". He likes just about every food, except tomatoes. His favorites are fruit, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli. When we weened him from the pacifier, he formed an attachment to a stuffed lamb. We named him Lambo and he goes with us just about everywhere. His favorite places are the lake and the backyard.

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Earlier in May, Hudson had tubes put in his ears. It needed to happen much sooner, but we've had a bit of doctor drama. Basically, Hudson has had ongoing ear infections since before he was a year old. The doctor we were seeing just kept putting me off when I would express my concerns. He'd tell me "Well, he responds to antibiotics." or "He will soon grow out of them.". After having a nasty double ear infection in March, I decided enough was enough. The doctor referred us to an ENT. A week after seeing the ENT, we were in the hospital having the tube surgery. The ENT said there was a lot of fluid on both of Hudson's ears and the right ear was beginning to become infected again. Since the surgery, he hasn't had an issue. I so wish I had pushed harder to get the tubes sooner, but being a first time mom, I was trying to trust that what the doctor was telling me was what was best for my child. Now I know to trust that mother's intuition. Should Davis have the same issues with his ears, we will not be waiting that long.

Lambo and Hudson before surgery. 
The sweet nurses even put bandages on Lambo's ears.

Recovery time was very quick. Hudson was back to his normal self that afternoon. He went back to daycare and his regular routine the next day. I was so very proud of my brave little man! His mama on the other hand, wasn't so brave. I knew this was a routine surgery, but he was still my baby. I cried when they carried him back on the hospital bed, and then again when the doctor came out to tell us that everything went well. It probably only took 5 minutes, if that! We are so glad it's over, and we are hoping that Hudson won't have any more ear issues now. 

As you read earlier, I'm 35 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. I am scheduled to have Davis June 30th unless he decides to come earlier on his own. That leaves 4 weeks to prepare for his arrival. Seems like plenty of time, but I'm in the full throes of nesting, and infinity wouldn't be enough time right now. Technically, we are ready, but I have about a million little things that need to be done before he makes his debut. 

And while I'm thrilled to meet my new little guy, I'm also painfully aware that this is my last four weeks with Hudson. I have about a million worries, all unfounded of course. Did we decide to have a baby too soon? Did he get enough attention? How will he transition to being a big brother? Will he act out? Regress? Show signs of jealously? I could go on and on. The truth is, Hudson is a terrific kid and Tucker and I have done a bang up job raising him so far. I'm sure there will be ups and downs, but he's going to be a fantastic big brother and I can't wait to see him interact with and love Davis

So right now, I'm enjoying every minute with Hudson and giving him every bit of my undivided attention that I can. I know the next four weeks are going to breeze by, but deep down inside, I know we are ready and we can't wait to meet Davis! Can't believe we will soon be a family of four!!!


Sunday, April 12, 2015


Easter was awesome this year! We went to the lake to celebrate with the whole family. We left headed to the lake Friday night. We were lucky that Tucker got off early, so we could do that. It's a bit of a hassle leaving on Friday night, but so enjoyable once we finally get there. And there is nothing like waking up at the lake!

Big Al picked up Prudence on Friday and brought her to the lake, because her daycare was closed for Good Friday. She was ready to see Hudson when he finally arrived Friday night. Saturday morning was lazy, and just how I like them. Shug and Big Al made waffles and we lounged around in our pajamas for a bit. Prudence and Hudson had a blast screeching and running up and down the halls. Emily and Andy joined us right after lunch.

When Hudson awoke from his nap we dyed Easter eggs. Both kiddos were very patient as we waited for our eggs to change colors. When the eggs were dyed and finally dried we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt. Both Prudence and Hudson loved hunting eggs. We hid a mixture of real eggs and plastic eggs filled with goodies. Hudson didn't quite understand the concept just yet. He knew the plastic eggs had treats inside, so when he found an egg, he wanted to open it right away instead of just putting it in his basket and waiting till the end to open his eggs. He also didn't understand why the real eggs didn't open. However, he did find one that had cracked, and of course, he had to investigate what was inside. He picked some of the middle of the egg out with his finger and said "Yum!". So I guess we like boiled eggs!

Sunday morning was a little hectic with three families all trying to get ready for church at the same time. To my surprise, we were all ready early and had time to take a few snaps of the kids in their Easter outfits before church. Those two are adorable! We attended Mymama's church and enjoyed a wonderful sermon by her pastor. Plus, Mymama got to show off her family! After church, we were joined by Kathie and Kate. We ate a delicious Sunday lunch, and prepared to go home.

 Going down the slide at the FUMC Easter egg hunt!
Head first! Hudson isn't scared of anything!

 Waiting patiently for the eggs to dry.

 I love the expression on Pru's face! 

 The kiddos were too busy playing in their baskets to take a picture!


 The Easter bunny came to visit!

 Andy, Emily, and Prudence

 Best friends!

 Hudson with his favorite ladies!

 Kathie and Kate

Family picture Easter Sunday

Easter is such a special time of year. A time for enjoying family, but also a time for remembering Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice. I'm so thankful for that sacrifice he made for me, and strive to remember the true meaning of Easter not only on this day, but every day of the year. 


Sunday, March 15, 2015


That word sums up life at this moment. It's just happy! We've had so much going on the last few weeks, it has been hard to find the time to blog. At the moment, I'm stealing away a few minutes while Hudson is napping and Tucker is at the golf course. So let's get to it!

A couple of weeks ago, I turned 30. Tucker's parents offered to keep Hudson for us, so Tucker and I could enjoy a night out on the town. We had a delicious lunch at the lake (fried chicken and veggies, my fav!), then headed off to enjoy our night together. Little did I know that Tucker had planned a surprise birthday party for me! I had to throw a kink in the plan, of course. I decided I wanted to go shopping before dinner that night. I hardly ever have time just to go look and get the things I need. I even gave Tucker a speech in the car about how I didn't want to be rushed, how I never get to do this, blah, blah, blah.

We finally get to dinner; I chose Mikata (a Japanese steakhouse), which takes forever. Poor Tucker, he was doing the best he could to hurry the process up. After dinner he wanted to go home right away, and I was trying to think of other things I wanted to do. Tucker was on the verge of faking an illness, anything to get me home. When I walked through the door, I was truly surprised! I had no idea he was planning such a fun night. I felt horrible though when I realized everyone had been waiting on me for over an hour! I'm so thankful to Tucker for planning such a special night and to all my friends and family who waited for over an hour to wish me a happy birthday! It truly was a special night I will never forget!

Tucker and I also celebrated five years of marriage a few days ago. So much has happened in just five short years. It feels like just yesterday we were saying our vows to one another. We've come a long way in those five years! I am so very lucky to have Tucker to be my partner in life. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. I know if we keep God at the center of our marriage our love will get us through anything.

Tucker's grandparents watched Hudson so we could enjoy another night out together. Tucker planned a nice dinner for us at Amsterdam Cafe. Afterwards we had dessert at Bruster's. Another one of my favs!

Switching gears, Hudson transitioned from the crib to a big boy bed. We did not convert the crib to a toddler bed. Instead, we moved Hudson to the room across from the nursery. That room was a guest bedroom that had Tucker's furniture he grew up with when he was a boy. I was a little concerned about Hudson sleeping on a queen size bed, but after talking with a few friends we decided to go with it. I was told that they only spend a very short amount of time in the toddler bed anyway, and that it really wasn't worth the investment.

We fixed his new big boy room up and spent several nights playing in there to get Hudson used to his new room. The first night in the big boy bed, he cried for about 15 minutes. The next two nights, he quit crying before Tucker and I reached the bottom stair. He's been sleeping there ever since! I think he likes the extra room he has, and it has to be more comfortable than the crib. The second night, I was a little upset. He transitioned so easily, so I knew he must have been ready, but I couldn't help feel like we were pushing him. And then I felt guilty, because I knew we wouldn't be pushing so much if it weren't for a new baby on the way. I told Tucker that this baby would sleep in the crib till he's five! Ha! I'm not ready to say this is the last baby, but if it is, I'm really going to struggle with him growing up so fast!

And finally, we have decided on a name for baby Boswell number two...Davis Tucker Boswell. The nursery will now be his room. We are just about finished with his room. We just have a few more finishing touches. The theme is the same-trains. Poor Davis, he's already receiving Hudson's hand-me-downs. Tucker and I just didn't see the point in buying new bedding, etc. Not to say that Davis, won't have his own things, but we are hoping that he can wear a lot of Hudson's baby clothes. Hudson was born in May and Davis is due July 7. So seasonally they should be fine. Hudson was a big baby (9 pounds 1 oz) and grew like a football player, so I am concerned if Davis is smaller. Whatever the case may be, we will make it work.

So this pretty much catches every one up! I will be counting down the days to Spring Break...only 5 more work days! Whoo-hoo! Hudson and I will be spending that week working on potty training! Wish us luck!

Have a great week!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Boy Times Two

This blog is about 2 weeks past due. Tucker and I are happy to announce that baby Boswell number 2 is a BOY!!! We are over the moon thrilled to be having another boy! Not that a girl would've been disappointing; we would have been happy no matter what God blessed us with, but we know boys. This mama can down, set, hut hut, bones it, and throw like nobody's business.

I was so excited that Tucker got to go with me to the gender ultrasound. If you remember, he didn't get to come with me for Hudson's gender ultrasound. We decided to make a day out of it! I took the afternoon off from work, and Tucker took the day off. He played golf that morning, and I met him so we could do lunch at one of my favorites, Chicken Salad Chick. Yum! From there we headed to our appointment.

During lunch we made our final predictions. Tucker predicted boy and I predicted girl. Totally opposite from when we were pregnant with Hudson. We discussed names for each gender. For a boy, we decided on Davis Tucker and for a girl, Sarah Tucker. I felt pretty confident that it was a girl, because my pregnancy has been somewhat different from Hudson. I was so surprised when the sweet ultrasound tech announced it was a boy. When she made the announcement, Tucker and I immediately held hands and smiled at each other. Tucker was beaming with pride and excitement. Two BOYS!

Our hearts are full! That's really all I can say. God has blessed us again, and we are overjoyed to say the least. We can't wait to meet little Davis!